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Ice Cream Socks 

Gusset Set-up Round: k9(10:11) heel sts, pm for end of round, k9(10:11). Then pick up and k19(21:23) sts up the first edge of the heel flap, pm. Next work across the 28(32:36) sts for the instep, using Round 1 of Ice Cream Eyelet Pattern or Chart. Finally, pm, then pick up and k19(21:23) sts down the second edge of the heel flap, and k to end. 84(94:104) sts

Ravelry patterns updated 9th July 2014

Well Rooted Mitts

Page 6: the last paragraph of text was cut off in the original version. This should read:
Now go to page 3 and follow instructions from the Rib section onwards to complete each mitt.

Ravelry patterns (v2) updated 19th December 2015

River Idle Socks

Page 3: the Heel Flap instructions had minor issues affecting the line up of the patterning on the instep. The start of this section should read:

Divide for Heel Flap as follows:
Set-up Row 1 (RS): k22(24:30:32:38) sts, turn work.
Set-up Row 2 (WS): sl1, p20(24:28:32:36), turn work. You will have worked 1 st fewer(more:fewer:more:fewer) than on Set-up Row 1.
The Heel Flap will be worked on these 21(25:29:33:37) sts. Put the remaining 19(23:27:31:35) sts aside for the instep.

Ravelry patterns updated 10th February 2020